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Starting a New Salon or Academy??

We love to open new businesses!

Statements the Consultant represents an established salon business infrastructure and SOP that has proven it's effectiveness in practice and in time. If you're interested in opening a salon or academy, ask us about The New Launch Collection.

The New Launch Collection

We can assist you in any or all of the following: business licensing, incorporation, lease negotiating assistance, payroll and QuickBooks set-up, interview process training, skill set training, front desk set up, salon layout set up, and much more. 

The price of this collection can be customized to your new salon/academy launch.

Team Training Collections


 Support Team Focus

  • The Support Staff is the oil to your machine. We will educate your support team/student body to assist in blow-drying and finishing techniques like marcel waving, curl techniques, flat-ironing, color mixing, salon coordination flow, backbar treatment solutions, proper toning, and thorough rinsing. They will learn how to elevate your salon experience by pampering your clients with relaxation and customer service. Salon/Academy maintenance, managing cleaning, and inventory will be a big factor. We will create operational definitions for maximum quality control in your salon/academy's opening and closing responsibilities.
  • ​1-2 trainers, 2 days, 8 hours per day, 16 hours of education in total - $1800 No limit

Front Desk Team Focus

  • The front desk staff is the first and last impression to the clientele. This is the targeted position where revenue is produced.  We will train front desk staff on phone etiquette, preliminary phone consultations for correct placement, handling difficult client situations, documentation for salon/academy infrastructure, maximizing stylist income with multilevel and staggered booking, efficiency with retail inventory, in-house promotions and more. Expert training on basic accounting, troubleshooting, opening, closing, and drawer reconciliations.
  • Four days, two trainers. 8 hours a day, 32 hours total of training. $3500 Maximum 4 team members

Leadership Team Focus

The leadership team is the most important part of carrying out your vision.

In a growing and expanding salon/academy, well-trained and motivated salon/academy leaders can alleviate your stress. This leadership team can innovate brilliant ideas and infuse your business with a stronghold of management through mindful practices. These leaders will be educated on the importance of employee goal setting, performance evaluation, and implementation of your infrastructure. We will bring resilient ideas that create cohesiveness to your business through leadership training for your superstars. We can assist in determining, through assessment, the correct superstars for these positions, as well as training this leadership team mastery of one-minute manager techniques. Actualizing autonomy in your business, and accurate professional hiring processes with thorough orientations.

Two trainers, 4 days, 32 hours of education in total - $3500 Maximum 4 leaders

Financial Strength Collection

​We believe at Statements the Consultant that through financial strength your business will be able to create solvency and profitability. Our education provides knowledge and understanding of cash flow analysis, stylist commissions structures, pricing systems, information gathering, and assessment of your financial benchmarks. You will learn how to dominate your relative market share (R.M.S). You will develop control of your payroll management, schedule to maximize productivity. We will discuss referral and community promotions to increase your clientele. You will extend your knowledge of training systems with your departments to create ultimate retention and re-booking.  Along with assistance in your Quickbooks set-up for tight accounting, we will develop simplified techniques to track all cash in flow and out flow.

Nik Trowbridge, Founder and President of the Statements brand, and Nicole Pham will provide training in person for 4 days, 8 hours per day, 32 hours total of in-house training. Package also includes communication via phone consultations and email.

This collection will be customized per consultation.​     



     Stylist Team Focus

Are you dreaming of... a highly trained staff with the most up-to-date techniques?Creating consistency and retention? Creating the “Wow” factor ? Perhaps you want to create innovative and precise curriculums for your Cosmetology programs?

        Advanced Color Focus:

  • We teach advanced color theory to allow stylist/students/instructors to build extreme confidence in their color formulations. Progressive foiling theory with over 10 foiling techniques, multiple Balyage techniques, color fusion techniques, and corrective color techniques. Additionally, we teach consistent consultations for maximum salesmanship, and more.
  • 2 trainers for two days, 8 hours per day, 16 hours of education for $1800​ No limit

         Classic Cutting Focus:

  • Classic cutting theory with precision and condensed precision methodology. Multiple types of graduation techniques, advanced dry cutting, clipper cutting, short hair cutting, and finishing techniques. We can educate stylist on how to understand hair cutting three dimensionally. Through roll play and discussion, stylists/students/instructors will learn how to enhance their consultations/classes to be more accurate. We will also build confidence within your team to master consistency.
  • Two days. Two trainers. 8 Hours per day. 16 hours of education. $1800 No limit


         Long Hairdressing Focus:

  • Learn the latest techniques in utilizing hair pieces to create brilliant, unbelievable updos. Learn classic long hairdressing theory like back combing, multiple pinning techniques, setting foundations, assessing silhouettes and form, proper texture preparation, braiding, folding, as well as recreating short hairstyles.
  • Two trainers. 8 Hours per day. 16 hours of education. $1800 No limit

        Make-up Focus:

  • ​​Our makeup educators are on the cutting edge of the newest and most advanced techniques available today. Expert foundation application, contouring and highlighting for photography and bridal work, eyelash applications with flare and strips, as well as eyelash extensions. Mastery of eye shadow application, classic skincare and matching skin tone theory.
  • Two trainers. Two days. 8 hours per day, 16 hours of education. $1800 No limit

         Hair Extension Focus:

  • We are leaders in our community with hair extension services. We have over 6 trainers at your disposal to educate your stylists/students/instructors on fusion hair extensions, micro bead hair extensions, weft beading hair extensions, sew-in and braid-in extension services. You will learn how to do proper consultations to lower challenges with this service. Maintenance and ordering processes will be covered as well. 
  • Two days, two trainers, 8 hours per day, 16 hours of education. $1800 for 2 stylists/students/instructors
  • Kits are included in this fee
  • Contact us for pricing on larger groups​

Chemical Treatment Focus:

  • ​​Thorough knowledge of chemical treatments like exceptional perming, relaxing, and Brazilian Keratin treatments is a must in today's marketplace. We will educate all stylists/students/instructors the intricacies of these treatments. Cutting edge knowledge and hands on practical approaches are our specialty. 
  • 2 trainers, 2 days, 8 hours per day, 16 hours of educations - $1800 No limit